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No cost to search for workers

No fees to place work orders or required minimums

Assign up to 50 work orders per month for free

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It's as easy as...

Businesses fund the cost of the work order

Technicians pay 10% of the work order price

How businesses can fund their accounts

ACH or e-checks at no charge

Credit cards for 3% processing fee

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Choose Field Nation to stay on budget, on time, and on top of your project's workforce needs

Pricing Insights

Get transparent and accurate pricing data for workers in your area

Hassle-Free Payments

Technicians are paid twice weekly automatically through Field Nation

Taxes Simplified

Field Nation takes care of tracking and issuing 1099 tax documents

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Calculate cost savings

Enter your current numbers to calculate your potential cost savings by using contingent labor.

Using Field Nation helped us see a path to close the remaining execution gap, and achieve 100% completion on national rollouts.

Mike Nigai
CEO of In-Store Focus