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No Subscriptions, No Hidden Fees. Period.

Network Pricing Options

Marketplace Network

Service providers pay 10% of the total work order value out of their payment. Clients do not pay anything.

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Vendor Networks

Clients pay 10% to privately route work to vendors. Here, the service providers don’t pay anything.

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W2 Networks

Clients pay $7 per work order. W2 employees do not pay anything.

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Other Fees

Credit Cards

Credit card payments are subject to a 3% processing charge. ACH or e-checks waive this cost. Clients should contact Field Nation to set up ACH or e-checks.


We verify that service providers are insured. Service providers can upload their own insurance for no cost. Those who do not have insurance incur a 1.3% insurance charge for each work order. 

Background Checks

We partner with Checkr for affordable background checks. Many clients require service providers have a background check. Service providers have the option to complete a background check independently to build their profile.

Field Nation Pays Twice a Week, and Handles the Paperwork

We issue payments on Tuesdays and Fridays, helping keep service providers engaged in our marketplace. We also handle tax documentation for independent service providers, making it easy for clients and service providers alike to do business. 

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