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Network outages are expensive, costing businesses both time and money. However, outages can be avoided with preventative maintenance and periodic upgrades. Field Nation has thousands of qualified and experienced technicians in diverse geographies across the U.S. to ensure your network never fails.

Server Installation

Qualified to set up hardware, install, and configure software and drivers. Hardware components such as hard drives, RAM, network cards, motherboards, power supplies, etc.

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Server Support

Maintain and repair server equipment including routers and peripheral devices. Technicians have in-depth knowledge of computer hardware, software and advanced troubleshooting skills.

Certified and Qualified

Field Nation has technicians experienced in Linux, RMA, and data centers. Our average server technician has 15+ years of experience. 

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Find experienced and reliable server technicians to expand your team of vendor networks or consolidate your current network of technicians and vendors. Background checks, reviews, and certifications give you peace of mind that technicians are trustworthy and qualified to complete projects in secure environments.

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