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Computer network outages affect every facet of a business and can be extremely expensive. Many outages can be prevented with regular maintenance. When prevention alone isn’t enough, any outages that arise should be fixed quickly with the support of computer networking technicians. Field Nation has thousands of experienced networking technicians who are able to install, repair, and troubleshoot computer networks.

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Networking Technician Coverage

This map represents the number of providers in each county who have requested networking work in the last year. To view all types of work view our coverage tool.

Build and Troubleshoot

Experienced in troubleshooting, repairing, and managing LANs, WANs, and ISP networks.

Avoid Outages

Ready to respond malfunctions, and ensure that the designated computers and network equipment function properly. 

Network Infrastructure

Knowledgeable in network control programs, network management, and network architecture.

Find Certified Computer Network Technicians

Find experienced and reliable computer network technicians to expand your team of vendor networks or consolidate your current network of technicians and vendors. Background checks, reviews, and certifications give you peace of mind that technicians are trusted and qualified to complete projects in secure environments

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