How It Works

Clients can import their current W2 employees into a private W2 Network. By integrating W2 technicians with the marketplace, clients can quickly fill coverage gaps and view scheduling all in one place. Currently, there is no payment processing or tax documentation for W2 Networks.

Benefits of W2 Networks

Easily Onboard W2s

Clients create custom branded portals for W2 employees to use. Start working quickly with a low learning curve.

Schedule Work

Clients can schedule W2s alongside contract service providers to ensure an efficient operation and fill coverage gaps.

Track Efficiency

Clients use reports and data to track efficient employees and manage costs per work order.

Fill Coverage Gaps

Clients want to use their W2 workforce first. If all W2 workers have full schedules, clients can find service providers in the marketplace to complete jobs or fill coverage gaps. Clients can easily take the same work order and publish it to the Marketplace Network without re-entering data. 

W2 Network Pricing

Clients pay up to $7 per work order in a W2 Network. W2 employees do not pay anything. We do not handle tax documentation or payroll payments through the platform.