Create Groups

Preferred Groups can be created in any network type. Clients can create groups of their favorite service providers based on location, skillset, type of work, or other custom structure. For example, a client can create a Preferred Group for the Chicago area within their Vendor Network to publish work to the Chicago group first. 

Route Work

Clients can route work directly to individual service providers within a Preferred Group or to the entire Preferred Group. When a client publishes to a Preferred Group, only members of the Group see the work order. The first service provider in a Preferred Group to accept a work order is automatically assigned. 

Instant, Reliable Access

Preferred Groups enable clients to access their previously vetted and approved service providers in an easy way. Preferred Groups are commonly used in the Marketplace Network. Here, clients can set Preferred Groups based on skillset, location, or relationship. 

Start making your groups today